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Roll Offs

roll offThe vehicles and containers are called roll offs because the bins are hoisted on to the trucks and then rolled off whenever they are needed. Roll off service is usually a temporary service for contractors building new buildings and demolition projects. However, roll offs are also used to collect green waste, cardboard and general waste for hauling to the appropriate disposal site or recycling facility.

These containers are available in 10, 20 and 30 cubic yard capacities. Roll off vehicles are also used for hauling compactors from the customer’s location to the landfill and back.

All waste must be segregated by type of waste for disposal at the correct facility. Wastes that must be separated are cardboard, green waste, construction/demolition, metals and general household wastes.

The haul rates vary for roll offs and compactors depending on how far your facility is located from the disposal site. In general, roll offs are only economical for very large quantities of waste debris. The Department of Transportation enforces a ten-ton maximum on these roll off vehicles. Maui Disposal employees will help you in determining the size of the roll off to fit your needs.

The 10 yd roll off is a special container not only for tight areas and small spaces but also for heavier debris. By utilizing this container for heavy products such as dirt, concrete, asphalt shingles, etc., you can manage the weight of the load in the container.


Open Top Waste Container

Cubic Yards
Length Width Height
11 feet 7.5 feet 4.5 feet
16 feet 7.5 feet 6 feet
18 feet 7.5 feet 7 feet
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